Founder’s story

Hiroshi takatoh

I created Teatis after my late ex-wife’s battle with cancer. Acting as her caretaker while running my tech company, I recognized the need for convenient, nutritious food suitable for critically ill consumers.

Teaming up with a list of prominent dietitians, we began crafting a product for diabetic consumers who didn’t have the time to cook but longed for natural, nutritious ingredients that helped with carbohydrate digestion and release of glucose.

Our team has worked for years to perfect our product line, and this is just the beginning. We plan on building out a comprehensive one-stop shopping site for ‘better’ diabetic health.

Founder / CEO Tak(Hiroshi Takatoh)

Science-forward rather
than product-forward.

We partner with our team of dietitians to ensure our product's high performance.
Meet our dietitians.

Committed to
the real issue

In the united states, there are over 122M people diagnosed with diabetes and pre- diabetes. Why is diabetes rapidly increasing, and why do people need to continue to use medications?
Teatis’s mission is to solve diabetic issues via a science-backed nutrition suite.

What does
Teatis mean?

The name "Teatis" comes from the Greek goddess “Thetis", who is portrayed as the goddess of the sea and the savior who saved the gods from suffering. She is the mother of Achilleus and she gave him immortality.
We want our brand to become a sort of savior of people with diabetes.